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Next time you pass a bookshop and glance at the vertical shelf spaces displaying the current top best-sellers in fiction, reflect on this little-known fact - if Select Editions sold in retail, all those stacks of books would be Select Editions volumes!

Yes, Reader's Digest's unique collections of four best-sellers in one book, sent to our readers only by mail!

That's why we can continue to keep Select Editions exclusively for you, so you can receive this special treasure trove in your letterbox - an inexpensive, easy and reliable way to keep up with the best NEW novels by famous authors and sizzling debut writers. We've been choosing the most compelling, entertaining fiction for over 50 years, and writers and readers alike keep giving Select Editions the seal of approval in  Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and Southeast Asia.

Select Editions keeps that door open for you on the latest crime and detective thrillers, espionage, mystery, suspense and family drama. Featuring household names like Lee Child, Maeve Binchy, Michael Connelly and Stella Rimington - as well as exciting new talent - each book is carefully edited and published in a single beautifully bound volume of over 570 pages.

Order a volume and you'll find there's no obligation to keep buying, and no subscription fee. This is simply a great reading service for people like you who love books. Order your first volume for just $56 (FREE postage & handling) - and we'll send you a FREE surprise gift too. If you enjoy it (and we're convinced you will!) you need to do nothing to receive further volumes. We space them out evenly every two months or so - imagine the thrill of discovering what's in a brand new volume. And the cost? Just $56 plus FREE postage & handling, for FOUR brand new novels, edited into an appealing volume: over 570 pages of delicious new reading to look forward to! Imagine the money you'll save on the original published editions.

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